Slab Spotlight: Calacatta Jubilee and New Venatino Grey

Calacatta Jubilee is a bright white quartz with distinctive “veins” strewn throughout. This grey veining pattern sweeps across its white backdrop, giving the material the appearance of natural stone. New Venatino Grey is a white quartz with cool undertones. Its grey “veining” sweeps across its white backdrop, giving...
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40th Anniversary

Arizona Tile celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2017. We are founded on the idea that being kind and caring to our customers is the best and only method of good business. We will continue to live by that standard to create lasting relationships and truly, “grow from our...


Customer Experience with Arizona Tile

Katie with Blythe and Barnett describes how easy it is to find her Quartz countertop and backsplash at Arizona Tile. We take the stress out of creating your space! Check out their Instagram @blythe_and_barnett


Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood

With all the beauty of natural wood, but the minimal maintenance of porcelain, Arizona Tile has more than 23 tile colors to choose from.

What to Expect at Arizona Tile?


Order Samples and Curbside Pick Up

How to order complimentary samples and pick them up curbside


Arizona Tile in Murrieta California

What can you expect when you visit our Murrieta location? Come find out!


Who is Arizona Tile

Who is Arizona Tile? What kind of qualities can you expect from us? Here we show you, what we are made of.

Product Information


The Facts about Granite, Quartz and Quartzite

We understand that choosing the right material for your project can be overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be! This video is a guide to gain a better understanding of the differences between granite, quartz and quartzite and help you make the right choice.


Slab Spotlight: Fantasy Zebra Marble

Fantasy Zebra is a marble from northern India. It is characterized by bold white veining cascading about a luxurious black backdrop. The flowing appearance of the veins gives the material a uniquely artistic appeal, with no two slabs exactly alike. It is such a hard marble, that it...


How to Properly Maintain Your Countertops

In this video, we’ll tell you how to maintain your new countertops. Whether you have granite, quartzite, quartz, or marble – this video will arm you with the knowledge you need to keep your slabs looking their best!



Tile Installation: How to Measure Warpage

When installing tile, particularly larger plank and rectangular tiles, there are a few things to take into consideration. We’ll walk you through those steps.

As Seen On Tv


Selecting Granite at Arizona Tile on ABC’s My Dream Home Show in Tucson, Arizona

ABC’s My Dream Home Show stopped by our Tucson, Arizona location with their customer, to select granite for their remodeling project.


Arizona Tile on San Diego Living May 2012

Murray Lampert Construction and Arizona Tile partner together to help homeowners with their remodeling projects.


Selecting Tile at Arizona Tile on ABC’s My Dream Home Show in Tucson, Arizona

ABC’s My Dream Home Show stopped by our Tucson, Arizona location with their customer, to select tile for their remodeling project.